The MN-CCD ‘Tuesdays at the Capitol’

group of men and women

Advocates from MCIL

The Legislative Session begins January 3, 2017. We are making plans for Tuesday at the Capitol 2017. Check back frequently for updates.


Everyone is welcome to attend.

MN-CCD member agencies are encouraged to contact Jo at to reserve their dates.

group of men and women seated

Advocates from MN Brain Injury Alliance


Hammer shares a video, A Day at the Capitol

We’d like to introduce a timely new video resource for you to consider sharing with your communities; your Facebook followers; and your senators and representatives. Created in support of all people with disabilities, Hammer Residences has just completed A Day at the Capitol a joyful insider perspective of why The 5% Campaign is important to Minnesota’s disability community. This video was made in collaboration with several other organizations and agencies and prominently features the following partners:
• Chrestomathy Inc.
• Lifeworks
• Opportunity Partners
• Reach for Resources
• Elizabeth Koltes, Self-advocate
• Alex Luther, Self-advocate
• Deb Towey, Self-advocate
• Representative Jon Applebaum
• Senator Gary Dahms
• Senator Kent Eken
• Senator David Hann
• Representative Rod Hamilton
• Representative Paul Torkelson

I hope you appreciate the joy and passion so evident in our collaborative work, and will consider sharing this video NOW in support of The 5% Campaign. Post it to your Facebook page; send it to family, friends, other contacts and colleagues in our industry; make it go viral! Remember, together we can make a difference! Again, here is the video link

If you have questions about Tuesday at the Capitol contact Jo Erbes at