MNCCD Workgroups and Committees

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The goal of MNCCD issue workgroups is to develop policy recommendations for MNCCD legislative action. The workgroups meet semi-regularly throughout the year.

Joining a workgroup is a great way to focus on a subject matter of interest to you and to meet like-minded advocates from throughout the state.

For further information regarding current activities and opportunities for involvement in the various workgroups, email MNCCD at

MNCCD Working Groups

MNCCD Working Groups provide our membership with updated information on policy issues and collaborate and discuss policy challenges, and strategize and take action on timely policy issues. The policy work of MNCCD is organized through two types of groups, Campaign Task Forces and Issue Working Groups. Each group works in collaboration with the policy committee and staff to direct the policy work of the organization.

Issue Working Groups

  • Monitor legislation
  • Provide information sharing and networking opportunities for member organizations and the greater community
  • Workgroups meet during the summer and fall months to construct their position papers for the upcoming legislative session.
  • All workgroups submit a position paper to the Policy Committee summarizing their positions prior to the legislative session.

During the legislative session, workgroup members and MNCCD leaders advocate for the legislative changes outlined in the position papers. Some workgroups continue to meet intermittently during the legislative session.

MNCCD issue workgroups

For information about work groups meeting dates and locations, check the MNCCD Calendar.

MNCCD Committees

Committees are responsible to fulfill duties as outlined in the organization’s bylaws.

Policy Committee:

MNCCD Policy Committee Description
The mission of the MNCCD Policy Committee is to develop recommendations for the board that clearly articulate organizational public policy goals that advance the independence and integration of individuals with disabilities. This is accomplished through a robust committee structure that invites and encourages a broad range of issues and perspectives that reflect the diverse needs of the disability committee. Policy Committee co-chairs are Dan Endreson and Susie Schatz.

Grassroots Committee:

MNCCD Grassroots Communications Committee Description
The mission of the MNCCD Grassroots Committee is to mobilize and increase the capacity of advocates through grassroots advocacy, educational and engagement opportunities. The committee seeks to facilitate connections and enhance collaboration between MNCCD member organizations and the broader disability community though activities and events. Jean Bender is chair of the Grassroots Committee.

Communications Committee

Co-chairs are Samantha Cantrall and Mollie Miller.


Committees of the Board of Directors

Development Committee:

The Development Committee of MNCCD serves to support the financial stability of the organization and works to ensure our mission-based programming is funded.

Finance Committee:

The role of the finance committee is to provide financial oversight for MN-CCD. Finance committee members, under the leadership of the Board Treasurer and in conjunction with the Executive Director, are responsible for budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. Andy Pomroy, Treasurer, chair the Finance Committee.

Executive Committee

Board chair Randy Bachman serves as chair of the Executive Committee.

Email for information on becoming involved with MNCCD Issue Work Groups or Committees.